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Welcome!  Stefanie Chew is a Licensed Massage Therapist who formerly worked at Body of Light in Eugene, Oregon.  Helping people is a passion, so always check this website for new updates.  You can call or text Stefanie at 541-357-8227, follow Aponia & Ataraxia on Facebook, or bookmark our page at



Our studio will open again on November 1st.  We have new hours:  Monday through Friday from 4pm to 8pm.  We are so excited to see everyone again!  

In other news: 

-  We all have had our COVID booster shots. 

-  We will continue the same sanitation procedures and our air filtration systems.  

-  We still take temperatures daily, and wear masks.  Clients do not need to wear masks while face down.  

-  We have a full client bathroom if you need to come over right after work and do not have the time to go home and shower first.



When booking an appointment, please double check your email confirmation for COVID-19 questions, what to do before an appointment, what to expect during an appointment and to get new directions.

--  Stefanie got married!  Her name on business advertising, websites and licenses will be changing throughout 2021 to reflect her new name:  Stefanie Brown.




*- Please be aware that only limited appointments will be available due to the labor intensive cleaning needed after each client is seen during this pandemic.  

**-We have a new website and online booking system that is far better than our last one.  Now you can change your appointment as well as see all the extra services you can add-on to your session.  Please save it to your favorites or change your bookmark:



About Stefanie:

My practice philosophy is that Massage Therapy can be done in a way that is gentle, highly effective yet producing as little discomfort and pain possible.  This promotes quicker healing and lasting balance in the body that can be built upon with each visit.  The human body can heal itself the same way as it also finds a way to cope and survive with pain.  Pain is not a bad thing and is a helpful warning to stop and change things while the body having a physical problem is not a fault.  The best approach is not to suffer needlessly, and to get help at the onset of pain to see what can be relieved or physically restored." 

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